Spanx for Your FACE!

I’ve shared before that when I edit my photos, I strive for the most minimal edits possible. Not because I’m lazy but because I’m honest. That scares some people. They want parts of their face or body photoshopped-I don’t even own a copy of photoshop at this point!

Where am I going with this? Have you heard of Proactive? Let’s be real. Who HASN’T seen a Proactive infomercial?! Did you know that the creators of Proactive are doing their own thing now? Something known as Spanx for your face (that makes me giggle every time I say it. I love it!). Rodan + Fields skincare line is quality.

Are you sick of rosacea or adult acne or wrinkles? Do you hesitate to have your photos done because of your skin? Maybe Rodan + Fields is your answer! Here are some photos from my friend, Karen, a Rodan + Fields rep:





These results speak for themselves. Having confidence when you look in the mirror or flip through your photo albums is empowering.

Want to win a free mini facial (who doesn’t love free stuff?!)? Leave a comment for an entry in a drawing.



Interested in learning more about Rodan + Fields? Want to join Karen’s growing team? Follow this link ::

Please note that this is not a sponsored post or advertisement. Just me sharing products I love and tips that make life easier. I am not compensated for this post. Giveaway prize provided by Karen herself because she’s generous like that.

Bella Blossoms

-photo credit :: Cathy Breslow

I am just full of tips lately…here’s another one! Accessories! My dear friend, Rebekah, is the owner and creator of Bella Blossoms. She makes beautiful necklaces and hair pieces, along with maternity sashes & more! I have ordered some of her Blossoms for past sessions…




Yes, my niece, and even my fur baby have blossoms!

Here’s a link to the Bella Blossoms Facebook page :: Maybe you want to order Blossoms of your very own for your next session!

And, once again, I want to make sure I share that this is not a sponsored post. I’m not compensated for writing this. Nor was it requested. I’m just sharing because I love Bella Blossoms!