Portfolio: Mariah & Alex

We took a couple of breaks from Mariah’s senior photos (session 1 & 2), to take some photos with her and her boyfriend.

298938_532544870389_111429341_n 300058_532545439249_341156502_n 300175_532545578969_979103159_n

You can’t go to the dairy queen and not visit the emus!

300835_532544830469_86503886_n 300934_532544805519_842221192_n 303103_532544850429_615249970_n 319667_532544925279_132507080_n303756_532544890349_1825703323_n 303946_532545803519_1375868192_n  311983_532545848429_1050526745_n

This one is my favorite.

It’s fun to take portraits for couples–I love hearing their stories of how they met.  Thinking about having portraits taken of you and your special someone?  Let me know!




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