Jamberry Nails For Days

Literally. For days.

Let me explain…I am the WORST at painting my nails. Seriously. It’s bad. A friend of mind sells Jamberry nails (like, she’s a dealer). I was skeptical. Really, the only way polish lasts for me is if it’s a gel manicure done at a salon. Everything else chips or peels within a day or two. Kelsey sent me a sample and I have had them on for almost a full week already with no chips or problems. And! Bonus! They were super easy to apply to my nails! I had both hands done in under 5 minutes. So, obviously I have to shout this news from the internet rooftops! I definitely plan to order more.

And, full disclosure, Kelsey did not ask me to write this. I am not compensated in any way for this post. I just love sharing tips like this because when something makes life better or easier, you shouldn’t keep that to yourself! Here’s a link to my Jamberry dealer’s website!


What does this have to do with photography?! I like for my nails to look nice when I meet with clients and they take a beating just in everyday life. Also, maybe my lovely clients are looking for fun nail art ideas to include in their next session. It’s all connected

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