Portfolio :: Mattson-Larsons :: Family Portraits

You may remember the sneak peeks from last week of Kohl’s senior portrait session.  We also snuck in some family portraits while I was there and I’m excited to share them with you.  Ben & Jenny live in a gorgeous home built in the 1950s that they have been working hard to renovate.  I love being able to capture people in their home and where they are most comfortable.

La Belle Estelle Photography-101 La Belle Estelle Photography-158   La Belle Estelle Photography-184 La Belle Estelle Photography-218  La Belle Estelle Photography-226 La Belle Estelle Photography-228 La Belle Estelle Photography-232 La Belle Estelle Photography-239 La Belle Estelle Photography-264  La Belle Estelle Photography-268La Belle Estelle Photography-241La Belle Estelle Photography-248La Belle Estelle Photography-250 La Belle Estelle Photography-254 Thank you all for welcoming me into your home–I hope you love your portraits!


Portfolio :: Kohl :: Senior Portraits

I did some professional head-shots for Kohl’s mother, Jenny.  I was thrilled when she asked me if I’d consider taking her son’s senior portraits!  Autumn is in full swing here in the midwest and the autumn colors did not disappoint while we were out and about taking photos.  I am always intrigued when I’m encouraged to bring my mud boots. I busted out my hiking boots and we adventured all over–near a dam, on a railroad bridge, into the woods, near the water… I love that this passion/hobby of mine gives me an excuse to go for a nice hike in the woods on a gorgeous day!  Kohl is hard to describe in just a few words–he is strong and brave but also has a tender heart.  He is a quick learner (catching on to some of my vague gestures and suggestions for poses and locations for portraits).  He loves the outdoors and hunts. I had fun working with him and Jenny on our adventure and got to see some new places I’d never been before.  Always fun!  And an excuse to face my fear of heights!  Here are some sneak peeks from his session…

La Belle Estelle Photography-3 La Belle Estelle Photography-24 La Belle Estelle Photography-31 La Belle Estelle Photography-42 La Belle Estelle Photography-47 La Belle Estelle Photography-56 La Belle Estelle Photography-96 La Belle Estelle Photography-98 La Belle Estelle Photography-104 La Belle Estelle Photography-122 La Belle Estelle Photography-130 La Belle Estelle Photography-135 La Belle Estelle Photography-141 La Belle Estelle Photography-146I am so excited to see where Kohl goes–I sense great things are ahead for this young man!

Portfolio :: Senior Portraits :: Andrew

Andrew was referred to me by a classmate, Danelle.  You may recall her sessions from recent updates I shared.  My primary form of advertising is word of mouth and I am grateful for every referral!

The weather Saturday was iffy at first–woke up to lots of fog!  I was nervous!  But I took a deep breath and waited patiently and sure enough by the time we were scheduled to meet the misty/foggy weather was gone and replaced by beautiful sunshine and light breezes.  Perfect weather for an outdoor session!  Andrew had scoped out some locations ahead of time (which I always appreciate when I’m going somewhere new).  He has a great eye!La Belle Estelle Photography-2 La Belle Estelle Photography BW-57 La Belle Estelle Photography-81 La Belle Estelle Photography BW-23La Belle Estelle Photography-42

This last image caught my eye when I was sorting and editing the photos.  I think it’s my favorite from the session.  If you’re wondering about his black fedora, maybe this line will give you a hint about the story behind the hat: “I am the one who knocks!”

Thank you, Andrew, for welcoming me into your home and neighborhood to take your portraits.  I hope you love them!