:: Smoke on the Water :: {Outdoor Photography}

There’s a chill in the air lately, so mornings have been a little more magical and mysterious lately…


:: Portfolio :: Shawn :: {Portrait Photography}

We snapped a few quick portraits for Shawn–he’s an amazing realtor!  If you’re looking for a great realtor to help you find your dream home, look him up.  Ace is sometimes one of the friendly faces you meet at their office, so we made sure to snap a few with him (and his cute little floppy tongue).  Too often “head shots” or professional portraits end up looking a little…. stuffy!  I love capturing people in beautiful natural light in their element.  Can you guess which portrait came after the queue “I want to sell YOU a house!”? A little on the nose, but still a nice shot.  🙂

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:: Portfolio :: Hoover Family Portraits {Family Portrait Photography}

I don’t think I’ve found myself laughing and smiling through a session as much as I did with the Hoovers.  They are such a sweet family and I love that they want their pets included in their family photos.  I am always up for that challenge.  What better setting than with a gorgeous vintage John Deere?!  “It’s been SO LONG since we’ve taken family photos professionally.” I hear this alllll the time, so it is always such a joy to capture family portraits.  You can’t see me, but I unintentionally had joined in on the plaid love.  I love the way these turned out.  Enjoy!

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:: Portfolio :: Cole :: {Senior Portraits}

I had the pleasure of spending a late afternoon with the Hoovers soaking up sunshine and a perfect little breeze while we captured Cole’s Senior Portraits, along with a few other sets of portraits (might as well!  I love when we can.), which I’ll share soon.  I was so grateful to hear from Mindy, as I took her older son, Chase‘s portraits a few years ago.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Or cuter dogs… you’ll see what I mean… Enjoy!


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Portfolio : {Family Portraits}

My friend Michelle knew she’d have a lot of their family in town for her son’s graduation, so she contacted me to take some family portraits.  It was a very sunny day, but with all of the rain we’ve been getting lately, I was just glad it wasn’t raining!  The two youngest kiddos did so well!  It can feel stressful being the parent of a small child for large family photo sessions.  Maybe they aren’t looking right at the camera in every photo… and maybe they aren’t smiling when they are.  But they are in the photos and a part of the memories.  And we still got some good photos!  Another obstacle was the wind!  I made sure to take plenty of photos and we occasionally took quick breaks to smooth out hair or tuck it behind ears.  Because we were working with a large group and small children, we decided to stay put in one location (in front of a gorgeously green tree in their yard) to make it easier to transition between photos and to maximize our limited time before the younger kids hit their limit.  And of course there were leftover graduation cupcakes to enjoy at the end!

La Belle Estelle Photography BW-6La Belle Estelle Photography-10

La Belle Estelle Photography BW-139La Belle Estelle Photography-21La Belle Estelle Photography-26La Belle Estelle Photography-77 La Belle Estelle Photography-96 La Belle Estelle Photography-102La Belle Estelle Photography-113La Belle Estelle Photography BW-46 La Belle Estelle Photography-58 La Belle Estelle Photography-131La Belle Estelle Photography BW-87La Belle Estelle Photography-123Thank you, Michelle, for welcoming me to your beautiful home to photograph your family!

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Portfolio: Renee {portrait photography}

Renee asked me to take some photos for her and I was happy to oblige.  There’s something about having some nice photos–in our digital age we sometimes forget to pause and take good pictures of life.  We’ll want to look back on those memories later!


This photo is  definitely blurry but I just love the bubbles and her face.  Makes me smile.

DSC_0677  DSC_0692 DSC_0693 DSC_0706  It’s fun to see all of the green in these pictures since it’s white and grey outside right now.

DSC_0717 DSC_0707

Marty stopped by, so he’s in a couple of Renee’s photos.  She didn’t mind.


I love the apple in this picture.


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Portfolio: Mariah & Alex

We took a couple of breaks from Mariah’s senior photos (session 1 & 2), to take some photos with her and her boyfriend.

298938_532544870389_111429341_n 300058_532545439249_341156502_n 300175_532545578969_979103159_n

You can’t go to the dairy queen and not visit the emus!

300835_532544830469_86503886_n 300934_532544805519_842221192_n 303103_532544850429_615249970_n 319667_532544925279_132507080_n303756_532544890349_1825703323_n 303946_532545803519_1375868192_n  311983_532545848429_1050526745_n

This one is my favorite.

It’s fun to take portraits for couples–I love hearing their stories of how they met.  Thinking about having portraits taken of you and your special someone?  Let me know!